Who is GusInspired?

Why are you here? What brought to this page? Not to sound too wacky and Cookoo, the simplest reason is that at this very moment, right now while you are reading this, your energy exactly matches mine! So let me take a wild guess! You are wild and crazy! Have great sense of homour and love hanging around positive people and spreading the love!

You understand that the world is an illusion but also that there is not much value in the idea in and of itself! Why??? Because you are here (on Earth) and appear to exist! So why not enjoy the ride, it feels pretty real doesn't it! Still reading! I haven't managed to spook you out yet!

So you love authors like Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Renard? And maybe, just maybe you have read a Course in Miracles! You also love your freedom and you have invested your precious time and energy in acquiring new knowledge and skills that can help you become financially free! You have probably read books by Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Sharma and one of my old time favourites Napoleoon Hill! You know, the rich dad poor dad series, the monk who sold his Ferari, think and grow rich! If not then get cracking!

We are all about abundance here! Be it physically, spiritually or financially! It's all the same! Whatever your story is, we are very similar, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading!



So My name is Augustine, I'm young and vibey! I work as a Chemical Engineer and I love what I do but I hate the 9-5! What I love instead is this! Being an entrepreneur, dancer, blogger, spiritual seeker, life coach, lover of music and great food! I am a traveller of sorts and have seen a fair amount of the world and lots more to come!

I'm all about creating an income that can support my lifestyle without having to answer to a boss! I want to be my own boss! Run my own business from the comfort of my home and help other people like me to do the same! I want time, time, time and more time, lots of freedom and a ton of money to spend in that time! So come on this journey with me! Let's become wildly successful! Rekindle your dreams and fire up your passions!

I want to have the time to get down to the important stuff. Helping people in poor areas of the world, charity begins at home, I am coming for you!

Ultimately I want to reach that place of mastery in my spiritual pursuit. I am no guru and I am definitely a work in progress. So if, at times, I sound like I am shouting wisdom from the mountain tops, please forgive me.

I want to help people take care of their basic needs so that their minds are free to fulfil their spiritual needs.

That's it folks, go ahead, check out my blogposts here ! Go ahead read, comment and share!

If you want to know how I am creating a laptop lifestyle, check out my Home page here ! I hope you find great value there and let us help you reach your dreams!



Come in and see how we work with people that inspire us, support each other, and build meaningful relationships that help transform the world, one GusInspired person at a time