Cynspirations: Women Money, Things You Do That Block Your Success

To Fulfill A Dream, To Be Allowed To Sweat Over Lovely Labor, To Be Given The Chance To Create, Is The Meat And Potatoes Of Life. The Money Is The Gravy –

Bette Davis

Since joining the working force, women have made less money than men, even today in the world of equality, it is still happening. This kind of mentality in this day and age is no longer tolerable. It never was. Let’s take a look at some facts and what we can do to change this.

In 2016, for every dollar that a man made, a woman only made 80 cents. That is only 80% of a man’s wage. While this gap has closed in some industries, it should be the case across all sectors. It does not help women to succeed and provide for themselves. There needs to be more equality.

How do you get that equality, though? What Needs To Be Done?

First of all, women need to get out of the mindset that it is okay to earn less. No matter what you do in life, it starts with you. You establish the value that you think you are worth. If you don’t believe that you are worth the same as a man, then no one else will either.

“As women, we sometimes can get stuck in this place of thinking that we need to have a certain level of success to have “approval” to raise our prices, take long holidays, invest in ourselves or our business”. Denise Duffield-Thomas

What Are TheThings You Do That block Your success?

Starting as a digital entrepreneur opened my eyes to how powerful our mental, spiritual, and emotional blocks are and how our beliefs can hold us back from financial freedom. I became aware of patterns that kept emerging in areas beyond money where these blocks were showing up again and again.

Women in my circle (family, friends, colleagues..) aren’t financially successful. All of them are creative, passionate, talented, intelligent and special in their way. I see these wildly valuable women dismiss their worth and hold themselves back… and I often see myself setting up these same blocks.

How can you Shift That?

Top 3 actions preventing their success. Are you falling into this trap, too?

1 – You Listen To The Stories You’ve Created About Yourself

“I’m not creative.” “I am not smart enough”. “I’m bad at marketing.” “I don’t like selling” “I am not smart enough” “I am too old”. What are the stories you’ve been telling yourself for years over and over? You don’t have to listen to them. You can create new stories whenever you feel like it!


Coaching Tip: Make a list of all of the stories you have about yourself. It Doesn’t matter if you think they’re true or not- write them down! You’ll find some silly ones you can discard immediately.
Acknowledge the remaining ones, and notice every time you’re defaulting to them as a reason you can’t move forward with something.
Start to question and even challenge them!

2 – You Undervalue What You’re Great At!

It happens more often than You think. For eight months I told myself I was not ready for coaching or marketing because I was ”not ready” to grow my business. I’d decided I was not knowledgeable enough to be considered an “expert” in my field.

After further examination, and masterminds with other entrepreneurs, the conclusion is that that isn’t true at all! In fact, I am SO immersed in my area of expertise- I study it, live it, breathe it, dream about it- that everything starts to feel very obvious to me. And here’s the lesson I learnt from my mentors that we could all repeat together:

When you are doing the working from a place of truth, from your authentic self, it may seem natural to you. You might think people wouldn’t pay you to do something you love so much. You experience guilt and believe that you should be working harder.The truth is, you can provide incredible value to others impact their lives and inspire them with what you already know RIGHT NOW.

In fact, you can provide incredible value to others affect their lives and inspire them with what you already know RIGHT NOW.
You can’t affect anyone in a positive way if you keep waiting for the right time and expertise.


Coaching Tip: Imagine you’re leaving your business or job and that you have to pass on your knowledge to the person replacing you. Write down everything you do and everything you know to prepare that person to take on your role. This exercise will help you notice that you know and do far more than you think you do! Seeing it all together may make you realise how you are underestimating and taking for granted all of thegeniusinside of you.

This realisation often leads to wake-up calls that push people to transform their lives and shift from an unfulfilling 9-5 job to start a new career in business, consultancy, freelancing or throw themselves in a humanitarian project.

3 – Stop Caring So Much About What Other People Think

Are you people pleaser, a yes person? You don’t hurt people’s feelings. Empathy is a beautiful quality, but us, women have a tendency to cross the line into “living for other people”. And really, life is too short to spend your valuable time worrying if your fees are too high, if you have enough subscribers, all for the sake of pleasing every single person on this planet. Also, all of the pleasing and yes-ing will only make Everest-sized blocks rise into your path to a significant, on-your-own-terms success.


Coaching Tip: Get clear on your mission. Why are you doing what you do? How can you help people with it? Let it come from a place of service of that awesome mission. When you’re answering to a bigger purpose, it’s harder to listen to the nagging fearful voices in your head!


A lot of people view personal development as a way to eradicate fears and blocks. In reality, that is not the case, and I’m not sure that’s even a realistic goal.

Trust me; nothing is going to bring up your money blocks more than being in business! I have lost a few pounds of sweat since I’ve taken my entrepreneurial leap of faith and set myself the goal to reach all of my dreams. This experience has taught valuable lessons and transformed my mindset in many areas including money.

The objective isn’t the absence of fears and blocks it is to LEARN how to dance with them. The idea is for you to get to live in abundance, deal with your mind saboteurs and be aware of the mindset pitfalls that come with being a successful woman.
Whether it’s as an entrepreneur or in a job.

What’s next?

Women have gotten this far because they have fought for what they deserve. In the last few years, women have made great strides towards equality in the workplace. Pay gaps are closing, women are allowed to do many jobs traditionally reserved for men. Just because these strides have been made, does not mean it is time to rest on our laurels.

It continues with you. Don’t settle for the status quo. Your mortgage, your children, your bitch of a boss, your lack of time, your financial situation are all stories you are telling yourself.

The thing that scares you today won’t be the thing that scares you tomorrow.

So makes a difference and start with you. Make following your passion your full-time job.

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