Stop Making Excuses and Just Do It!

Who makes excuses?

The truth is everyone does! I am guilty too, as much as I am writing this for you guys, it’s really for me! To kick my own ass into action! Why do we make excuses, is it because we are lazy, lack self belief? Is it a question of motivation? A way to procrastinate! The truth is, no one ever built their dreams on excuses!

The only thing standing between you and your goal is some bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.

Jordan Belfort

Stop making Excuses and Just do it

Stop making fucking excuses! If you have a roof over your head and some food to eat today! I kindly ask you to shut it! No insult guys but seriously don’t you get tired of living small and following the crowd just to fit it in!

Guess what? No one fits in! There is no normal! Don’t sacrifice your dreams for the mediocrity of a standard life!

Who am I talking to?

I am talking to my kind of people here! People that are willing to challenge the status quo, people who won’t give up until they win! people who keep fighting even though the battle seems to have been lost! People who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world!

To the no limit people! Yes I am taking to you, the guy with a big dream but you have done nothing because you are too busy making excuses! Here is the truth, no one cares about your excuses, really not a single living soul gives a crap about your excuses!

Why you should stop making excuse and just do it!

Stop being sheep and following the crowd! There is nothing noble about being better than someone else, true nobility comes by being better than your previous self!

Be grateful damn it and show up! Show up for yourself, show up for your children, show up for your family, show up for your friends and just show up for life! Stop wasting time, stop watching fucking “Game of Thrones” or “Lost” or whatever! Ok, I’m also a big fan, every once in a while is ok but get serious guys! Make time for your dreams, they are not going to miraculously achieve themselves!

Don’t settle for less! Make your dreams and success about value and the impact your can have on this planet! Remember money is not the end goal, only the means to realise your end goals. So don’t get stuck chasing your means goals! In other words money and materials!

Those things are pretty cool too so enjoy them when come and be ready to let them go when they go! Enjoy the journey and have fun at the mountain top, no matter how brief it may be! It’s going to be brief, you know that right?

Stop making excuses and stay focused!

Focus on your ends goals! You know, that thing you actually really want! Like traveling, spending more time with your family, supporting your favourite causes, helping people! We all have something that touches us deep in hearts! If you don’t, you are either dead or you have to find it!

In a way these are still means goals, because in the end what we really want is Peace of mind, happiness, love, fulfilment, self actualisation, self transcendence and for some complete enlightenment! Even if this is your ultimate goal, it takes work guys, consistent effort and action!

Get going guys! There is no time to waste, time is illusory in nature and trust me it will elude you! Stop making excuses! Coz really, no one cares!

What’s standing between you and your dream? What have you found is the most effective way for you to combat excuses and keep going? Please share!

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