Suck it up and follow through!

Suck it up and follow through

Have You Killed Your New Year’s Resolutions Yet? Will You Suck It Up and Follow Through?

How do you get yourself to do the things that absolutely don’t want to do but need to do? In other words how do you embrace the suck and follow through! Most of us young people (and practically everybody else) make new year’s resolutions every year and by the end of January it’s all is but a forgotten memory!

How are you doing so far? Why does this happen? Why do most people not follow through on their commitments! What are you doing to make sure can that you follow through this year, or have you already given up?

As an entrepreneur, I struggle with this myself so I decided to write this blog and share some of the ideas that are working wonders for me! So let’s keep those juices flowing and make sure you keep your commitments and goals all the way through the year!

Idea number 1. One Commitment is every Commitment!

What do I mean by this? Most people think that making a commitment is a once off thing. You make a commitment once and that’s it! Actually No! A commitment is made every single day, every day you wake up, you have to recommit yourself!

You need to keep saying yes to it everyday, every moment, and keep it fresh in your mind. This way your one big commitment for the year becomes a series of small daily commitments. If whatever you have committed to is important enough to you, you will put in the effort!


Idea number 2. Don’t Tell a Soul.

Here is the thing, when you set a Goal, it’s your goal, no one needs to know about it! Take your time and nurture it, cultivate in your own mind! Give yourself space to get excited about it and become enthusiastic about it in the privacy of your own mind. Protect it and work at it until the results start showing and let the results speak for themselves.

Most of us fail before we even start because we allow the opinions of other people to affect us! Once the idea and goal is solid in your mind you can align with like minded people that will support you on your journey.


Idea number 3. Get Inspired not Motivated!

Motivation is often temporary, it always arises from an external source, usually in the form of a person, music or book etc., that can help you get fired up! Getting motivated is like drinking a cup of coffee, you get the energy buzz but after a short while the caffeine drops you are done and the only way to sustain it is to keep drinking more! In this way, motivation is just like coffee!

Motivation is usually about pushing yourself to do things that you feel you should do, not necessarily the things you are passionate about! It requires a lot of will power! Get inspired instead, inspiration on the other hand is an inside job!

The word inspiration comes from the late Latin word inspirare which means inspirit or divine guidance.

Inspiration gets a hold of you and drives you to do things and with a lot less effort and it usually leads to great fulfilment! It is always aligned with your core values and who you are!


Idea number 4. Fine yourself

Make sure you keep your eye on the goal by defining a fine (Penalty) which applies if your fail to follow through. Be creative! Be sure the fine is something you hate to do but have to do if your falter on your commitments. Make sure it is something that contributes to the achievement of your ultimate goal! This is how you Suck it up and follow through!


Idea number 5. Get an Accountability Buddy!

A follow up to idea 2, after your results start to speak for themselves! Ask someone who is willing to support you to hold you accountable! Make sure it someone you can also hold accountable for their goal! Also following on idea number 4, allow this person to fine you and let it be someone that you can take criticism from without getting offended!

This way you can stay on your path for longer without resorting to excuses! See my blogpost on excuses, “Stop making excuses and just do it” here, for more on this idea!

I hope you find these ideas to be of great value and they can help you with staying on track this year! What are your ideas for keeping yourself inspired and focused on your goals? How do you Suck it up and follow through?

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  1. Janette Hamilton-Pearce on January 30, 2017 at 21:40

    Really like these tips, thanks for sharing. Will give them a try. I agree, suck it up…

    • Augustine on February 2, 2017 at 21:59

      Janet thank, I so happy that you found value in the tips, let me know how you get on and which one is making the most difference for you!

  2. Richard on January 31, 2017 at 14:31

    I have wondered for a long time about whether or not you should tell people about your goals. i believe not telling is the answer.Thanks

    • Augustine on February 2, 2017 at 22:02

      Well I find that if you really want to grow strong and confident in your ideas, it is important to keep your ideas your to yourself at least in the beginning!

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